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Thursday, November 24, 2011

PGA Tour Q School Preview

Here's hoping you had a Happy Thanksgiving!  For the 173 golfers competing in the final stage of PGA Tour Q School, that was the "Last Supper" before a very stressful week and a half.

From November 30th through December 5th, those 173 golfers will experience one of the most grueling tests of golf to be conducted over two courses and 108 holes to determine the final members of the 2012 PGA Tour.  The golfers competing in this tournament got to this point from any number of different ways, and what will be viewed as a successful Q School will be different for each golfer. 

The number one theme of Q School's final stage for all golfers no matter how they measure their success is survival.  Because it is 6 rounds and 108 holes it has to be treated as a marathon, not a sprint.  Bogey's can't be looked at as a bad thing (except on par 5's), but as something that is bound to happen.  The final stage of Q School is just as much about eliminating the big mistakes and damage control as it is about making birdies or eagles.  I have a theory that I am going to test this year on that subject.  I believe that if a golfer goes the entire 108 holes without a double bogey (or worse) and without a bogey (or worse) on a Par 5, they will finish the week inside the Top 25 and ties and gain PGA Tour membership.  In a 72 hole tournament I would also throw in a third criteria of zero 3 putts for the week, but I'm not sure anyone in the field will go 108 holes without a 3 putt.     

Here is schedule for the blog leading up to the November 30th start of Q School:
- Friday November25th - PGA Tour past winners back in Q School
- Saturday November 26th - PGA Tour / Nationwide Tour veterans back in Q School
- Sunday November 27th - Mini Tour Players / Journeymen / Rookies in Q School
- Monday November 28th - What's at stake for everyone in the final stage of Q School
- Tuesday November 29th - Final thoughts including pairings and course breakdown leading up to the first tee shot.

There is a lot of information on Q School at www.pgatour.com/qschool.  The field is already posted as well as the results from the previous stages leading up to the final stage.

Until tomorrow......

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