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Friday, December 16, 2011

2010 vs 2011 Nationwide Tour Results

As I try to compile who the likely candidates are to move from the 26-60 category from the 2011 Nationwide Tour in 2011 into "The 25" in 2012, I think it's important to look back at how the players in the same category in 2010 ended up in 2011.

There will be 4 categories:  Those that advanced in Q School that December, those that ended up in "The 25" in 2011, those that remained in the 26th-60th category and those that fell out of the top 60.
  1. Players that advanced to the PGA Tour via 2010 Q School were - Nate Smith, Brandt Jobe, Will McGirt, Kyle Stanley, and Scott Stallings (5 out of 35)
  2. Players that finished in the 2011 Top 25 - Kyle Thompson, JJ Killeen, Jonas Bilxt, Mark Anderson (4 out of 35)
  3. Players that finished in the same category - B.J. Staten, Brian Smock, Alistair Presnell, Gavin Coles, Paul Claxton, Rob Oppenheim, Andrew Svoboda (7 out of 35)
  4. Players that fell out of the top 60 - Scott Gardiner, James Hahn, Chris Nallen, Jon Mills, Won Joon Lee, John Riegger, Jason Gore, Dickey Pride, Jin Park, Bradley Isles, David Branshaw, Steve Pate, Geoffrey Sisk, Jeff Brehaut, Ewan Porter, Zack Miller, Doug Labelle III, Jeff Curl (18/35)
What stand out to me is that only 4 of the 2011 25 finished in the fully exempt category from the year before.  I would have assumed that a much higher percentage of the top 25 would have come from the previous years 26-60 category.  What also stands out is that over half the players in that category from the previous year wont have full status on the 2012 Nationwide Tour after suffering worse perfromances in 2011 and not building off of decent years in 2010.  Also ironic is that 4 of the 5 that qualified via Q School will be back on the PGA Tour with the only exception being Nate Smith, who was the only one of those 5 that won on the Nationwide Tour in 2010.  Basically, nothing makes sense.

I'm not sure how to factor any of this into the 2012 projections.

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