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Thursday, December 15, 2011

2012 Nationwide Tour Preview 56th - 60th

Wrapping up our preview of the 26th - 60th positions from the 2011 Nationwide Tour money list are the final 5 spots.  Today's preview seems to be the group that played on the 2010 PGA Tour and returned to the Nationwide Tour in 2011.  They are as follows:
  • 56.  Roger Tambellini - After returning from a stint on the 2010 PGA Tour, Tambellini made 14 of 24 cuts.  He had 6 top 25's with 2 top 10's including a 3rd place finish.  Statistically, it's a little puzzling that Tambellini finished so low with an all around ranking of 18th.  The only real weakness that showed up was a final round scoring rank of 99th.
  • 57.  Justin Bolli - He made 14 of 22 cuts including 6 top 25's and 3 top 10's.  Like Tambellini, he spent 2010 on the PGA Tour before his return to the Nationwide Tour.  Also like Tambellini, he ranked extremely high in overall ranking at 19th.  103rd in scrambling was the only real weakness that showed up.
  • 58.  Craig Bowden - Another 2010 PGA Tour member, Bowden returned to the Nationwide Tour to make 11 of 21 cuts, 7 top 25's and 2 top 10's.  126th in driving distance and 101st in par 5 scoring highlight one of his problems.  The putter saves him though. 
  • 59.  John Kimbell - Kimbell made 15 of 24 cuts with 5 top 25's and 2 top 10's.  He doesn't rank in the top 50 in any major statistical category but doesn't drop out of the top 100 either. 
  • 60.  Travis Hampshire - Had a real shot to win the BMW Pro Am, but finished with 15 of 26 cuts including 6 top 25's and 2 top 10's.  He was consistent in most of his categories and a little above average in ball striking due mainly to fairways hit.  He will need some overall improvement in 2012.
Tomorrow I will look back at the 2010 Nationwide Tour money list to see how many of the 25th-60th place finishers moved into the top 25, how many stayed in the 25th-60th category and how many dropped out.

Happy scrambling!

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