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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Season Over!

What a way to send the 2012 PGA TOUR season into the history books! Charlie Beljan held onto the lead to claim his first victory, and joined Tim Herron as the only two players outside the top 125 on the money list to earn their way in during the last tournament.

The unlucky two that dropped out were veterans Rod Pampling and Billy Mayfair. Pampling has $13.6 million in career earnings and Mayfair has just over $20 million, so while it's a shame they are off to Q School; they have each made their mark on TOUR.

Over the coming weeks, expect content to be somewhat sporadic. Topics that I would like to cover include:
  • Q School - Second and Final stages.
  • Recap of how some 2012 predictions made before the season panned out.
  • Recap of 2012 in general.
  • Beginning to look ahead at 2013.
  • Anything else relevant that may pop up.
If you have any topics you would specifically like to have covered, please let me know and I will consider doing so.

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