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Monday, January 7, 2013

BuzzDraft Private game is up and running!

Our BuzzDraft private game is up and running. If you haven't already registered, then click on the banner on the side of my page that says BuzzDraft. Register for you team using Promo Code: RotoRyan.

Once registered, log in and deposit the money you want to use in the game. Then click on the tab titled PGA and you will see the RotoRyan private game. It's a six-man game. Once you have clicked on this and selected your team, it will prompt you for a password. The password for the game is Rotoryan. You can edit your team up until just before the first tee times, so don't sweat the picks.

One thing to clarify from yesterday.....once a six-man game fills up, another one will immediately open up. If the tournament starts with a game unfilled, you will receive your deposit back and the game is off. If you are already in a game and want to enter a second game to "hedge," go for it.

Also notice that there is a $20 buy-in 29-man game with a guaranteed purse. For those wanting some higher stakes, this a good way to try and earn a little more cash.

Best of luck, let me know if you have questions!

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