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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Humana Challenge - More Fantasy and BuzzDraft

Before we dive into last week's BuzzDraft results, I want to point out one more thing when considering your Yahoo! lineups this week. Since this is a three-course rotation, consider the course your players are playing when deciding who to start. As a general rule, the Nicklaus Private Course at PGA West plays the easiest, with LaQuinta and the Palmer Private Course at PGA West playing a little more difficult. They will all average several strokes under par, but give your players a chance to throw up a deep number at Nicklaus Private.

For my team, it doesn't matter in the A-List because Snedeker and Clark are both on the same rotation. In the B-List, none of my four are playing Nicklaus in the first round so I'll let it ride as is. In the C-List, Henley is starting on Nicklaus Private, so that works out fine to leave the same as well.

Let's get Buzzed!

The first week of our private league on BuzzDraft is in the books. I’m sheepishly proud to admit that I won the first 6-man game that filled up, while team Tiger’s Wood by long-time reader Chris took home the gold medal in the second game.

RotoRyan’s winning lineup in first game was Keegan Bradley, Carl Pettersson, Brendon de Jonge, Tim Clark, Charles Howell III, Chad Campbell, David Hearn, Brian Gay, Steve Marino and Scott Langley. The perfect storm of factors for the win were Tim Clark and CH3 performing as expected, all 10 players making the cut, and hitting on Scott Langley with my final pick in the lowest-ranked pool.

Tiger’s Wood had a lineup of Zach Johnson, Carl Pettersson, Bud Cauley, Tim Clark, Charles Howell III, Harris English, Ricky Barnes, Brian Gay, Russell Knox and Patrick Reed. Chris credited his win on Twitter (@ctimmerman35) to the late charge of Harris English and Ricky Barnes. He was well outside of the lead at several points of the tournament, but pulled off the win late.

Here are the final combined standings for the first week:
  1. RotoRyan (Game 1) 737.7 points
  2. Tiger’s Wood 659.31
  3. Zanarkand Abes 642.5
  4. GHIN 636.31
  5. Tom Selleck’s Chest Hair 609.5
  6. RotoRyan (Game 2) 608.51
  7. JMacLSU 575.01
  8. Better then Most  533.2
  9. The Chili Dippers 515.31
  10. KYech 502.5 (Rumor has it he made some money in a BuzzDraft Salary 6-man game!)
  11. Buff my Wrenches 408.71
  12. A340Spotter 326.41 (Don’t cry too hard for Spotter, as this was probably a hedged bet for him. He had Charles Howell III in a private one-and-done league and sits second to JMacLSU through two tournaments in that 30-plus player league. I’m chasing both of them in third!)

It will be the same format again this week, with 6-man games at $5 buy in with the top two spots getting paid. I’m already registered in the first 6-man game which has already filled up. I'm also in the $20 feature game, as is KYech.. Feel free to join us. 

For those not registered with BuzzDraft, click on my BuzzDraft link on the side of the page and use Promo Code: RotoRyan. The password for the game is also Rotoryan, just like last week.

If I don’t have a team in your 6-man game (my team name is RotoRyan), then would someone from that group please reach out to me with the results from that group, as well as the point total for each of the teams so I can combine with the others for the week’s standings? Standings are usually finalized mid-morning on Monday, but it took until Tuesday morning this week.

I'd love to hear any feedback you have on the games if you've played them. As always, we welcome any new players to the fold. If you sign up for a 6-man game and it doesn't fill up, your money will be refunded. Two out of the six spots will pay out, so for any newcomers you have a 1/3 shot of turning a profit. If you're thinking about playing and have any questions, shoot me an email at thegolfaficionado@gmail.com

We will be back tomorrow with more, including our final one-and-done and two-and-done picks. If you aren't in a one-and-done league and want to try one out, check out Golfmanna.com for their short season offering while there is still time.


  1. Hey Ryan

    I've just caught up reading your articles after a busy festive period. I'm glad you decided on the 6 man team private buzz draft game, I play the same type of game on at http://todaysgolfer.fantasyleague.com/ although I don't know if it will be running this season due to a lack of sponsership. However since I'm based over here in the UK am I still able to take part in your Buzz Draft game? Thanks

    Oh and Happy New Year!

  2. Bruce,
    Great hearing from you again! Happy New Year to you as well. I would assume the answer to your question is yes. I know they have offices in Atlanta and Canada, so I don't see why not. I feel sure they can pay out via PayPal, so if you have access to that I don't see where there would be a problem. If you don't mind, when/if you register please use my promo code RotoRyan. That is also the password to the game. Look forward to you playing!