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Friday, January 4, 2013

Private Fantasy Game Opportunity

As some of you know, and others may have assumed via the banner on the blog, I am an affiliate for a Fantasy gaming site called BuzzDraft. It's essentially fantasy sports for weekly money. I was approached today by the head of the golfing division, and we explored the idea of doing a private game specific to the readers of this blog.

While BuzzDraft offers other higher-stakes options, the game for our site would be a simple $5 buy in weekly game that would pay out multiple places based on number of players. It's legal, and you can play or not play any given week.

There are essentially three different types of games. The most popular is one where there are 10 pools of players and you pick who you feel is the best option for the tournament that week. The next is a salary cap game where you have X amount of dollars to buy six (I believe it's six) players, and the third is a match-play game where you pick which player will have the best week of two. Generally there are about 20 or 25 match-ups to choose.

I don't want to waste BuzzDraft's time with this if the interest isn't there, but if you think it's something you would like to try out, please shoot me an email (thegolfaficionado@gmail.com) or leave a comment below. You would essentially sign up with BuzzDraft using a promo code I provide you and sign into the private game with a password I would put up on this site as well. I'll be glad to walk anyone through it, and you receive additional benefits for signing in with my promo code.

If we do it, I would announce the winner (assuming you want to be known) or the user name that won on the blog the following week, and if it really takes off we can put together a standings of some sort on the blog. Obviously, I would be playing as well.

Bert with BuzzDraft is willing to allow us some creativity with the size and type of game. I just need to know how many people are interested in trying it out.

*************************  UPDATE ***************************************************

The game is going live on a small scale for the Sony Open! BuzzDraft's smallest game is a six-man $5 per person game that pays two spots. They want to start us out with one of these to ensure that we fill the seats. If a game of six is not filled, then the money will be refunded. Once we fill a game, a new one will start up immediately following.
I will be taking one of the six seats, and I've had more than five other people tell me they want to play, so sign up early. I have no doubt that if the game fills up as quickly as I anticipate and the feedback from the players is favorable, we will have a larger allotment of spaces the following week.

Here are the steps to sign up:
  • Click on the BuzzDraft banner on the right side of the page on this blog. You can also go directly to BuzzDraft.com.
  • Register a team and use the promo code RotoRyan so we can identify you as one of the players from our blog. (You can do this now.)
  • I will provide a password to get into our private game, likely on Sunday. I will tweet it out and put it on this blog. I will go ahead and register for the specific game first to make sure there are no issues and clarify any steps that need to be taken.
  • Once you are in, you are more than welcome to play in as many different games as you would like. It is not limited to just our private game.
If you get registered, but don't get into the private game because it is full please let me know (thegolfaficionado@gmail.com) and I'll make sure we account for that in our number for the Humana tournament. I would also encourage you to consider playing one of the public six-man games to get your feet wet.

There are some longer-range talks between myself and BuzzDraft for a partial season game-within-a-game that would include standings on the blog and additional winnings for the person that tops the year-end standings. It's very possible that this could happen this season. That all hinges on the turnout and consistency of players in some of the early tournaments of the year.

As always, feel free to contact me with questions.

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