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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Waste Management Phoenix Open - BuzzDraft and other thoughts

We hit most of the meat and potatoes in regards to the Waste Management Phoenix Open with our power rankings, Yahoo! and Golf Channel fantasy preview. For today, that leaves BuzzDraft and any other thoughts.

We filled out two games last week, with Tiger's Wood returning to the winner's circle with a massive 908-point haul in the first game while Ghin and Juice took second. In the second game, my RotoRyan2 team hopped in the winner's circle with 736 points followed by the Chili Dippers, RotoRyan, Tom Selleck Chest Hair, Corphey and KYech.

I don't know the details of the first game that filled up, but I know the game I was in (twice) was ravaged by the very late W/D of Bubba Watson. Two things worth mentioning. First, is once the game is locked, changes can't be made. This is the first time I can remember a significant W/D very close to the deadline, so it is highly rare. Second, you have the option to put multiple teams in a game or play multiple games. I put in a second team about five minutes before the deadline just so the game wouldn't be canceled and thankfully it was the winner.

Unfortunately I didn't notice any of our players cashing in the feature game. Basically if you didn't have Tiger in the feature, you had an uphill battle. 

If you want to hop in the BuzzDraft game with us, shoot me and email thegolfaficionado@gmail.com and I'll help you get set up.

I took a look at the weather for the first two rounds as it would relate to the Yahoo! format. It's going to be very cold early in the morning. So much so that there could be a frost delay on Thursday. The winds are expected to be light and variable all four rounds. I'm not sure that the early morning tee times hold their normal advantage due to the chilly temps. I'm going to sit tight and let my team play out as is.

I'll be back tomorrow to discuss one-and-done options. Until then, best of luck!

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