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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am - Fantasy / BuzzDraft

With the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am creeping closer, it's time to tie up a few loose ends from yesterday. Matt Adams on PGA TOUR radio often says he has the smartest and best listeners in the world. It seems I have the smartest readers in golf. A number of you accurately pointed out that I had Ryan Moore included in my power rankings and in my Yahoo! lineup, yet he failed to get the message that the starts were aligning and decided not to play. The only real change is that I slid Bryce Molder into my Yahoo! lineup as a backup.

As some of you may have picked up, there is a new fantasy game launching on pgatour.com this week. For those interested, I've created a league for any of you who would like to jump in. It's a free game and we're playing for pride. At last count, there are 18 teams in the league. The league name is "The Golf Aficionado" and the password is "Rotoryan."

Looking at the format, you essentially can play a guy 10 times throughout the year just like Yahoo. You pick any four players for the tournament and ride them. No substitutions. In that sense, it's like the Golf Channel game. Rather than money, they add up FedExCup points, so it appears that you need to invest in PGA TOUR members, as non-members probably won't accumulate points unless they go back and award them equal to the value of what they would have won.

Choose the strategy that fits your game, but it seems like the prudent play is to pick the four guys you think have the best chance to win any given week. I'll likely be going with the top four on my power rankings most weeks. There aren't many players that will see all 10 starts burned, so I'm not holding starts anytime soon.

In BuzzDraft last week we only filled one 6-man game. My team (RotoRyan) claimed the title with 536.76 points, followed by Zanarkand Abes at 436, ghin and juice at 410, Tiger's Wood at 396, KYech at 364.5 and A340Spotter with 321.

Only Zanarkand Abes had Mickelson in the lineup.

We've already got one of the games filled up for this week with another one up opened up for action. Feel free to jump in and play. If you haven't played before and want to, Tweet me, leave a comment or email me and I'll help you get set up. $5 to play, top 2 (of 6) cash.

We will be back tomorrow to cover the one-and-done picks and tie up any other loose ends. If there are any egregious errors in tonight's post then I may go ahead and disqualify myself for signing an incorrect scorecard!

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  1. I've signed up for the PGA tour game (Swinging for Sixties), it seems pretty good. I was just wondering how many teams you've entered?