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Monday, February 25, 2013

Sully's Snapshot - First Update

As many of you know, I contribute to the golf section of Rotoworld. One of the year-long projects I do on that site is a piece entitled Sully's Snapshot. I essentially project out what the top 125 will look like at season's end.

For gamers in full-season formats, this can have some value. Especially if your league allows substitutions.

For others, it's fun to look and see where I ranked your favorite golfer. Even better, it's a reason to think I've completely missed the boat on your favorite golfer. Feel free to tell me about it if you love it or hate it. The only promise I'll make to you is that it won't have any impact on my next update, coming immediately following the Masters.

This published before the first round of the  WGC-Accenture Match Play was in the books, so it did not factor in Matt Kuchar's victory etc. Ironically, I made this comment on Kuchar, " Looks as steady as ever to start the season with an eventual win seemingly inevitable." I didn't know how right I was and how quickly "inevitable" would come. 

With that as the teaser, here's the link to Sully's Snapshot.

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