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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

WGC-Accenture Match Play - Games

As you have probably already been able to figure out, gaming formats are totally different for this week's WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship. There is no Yahoo! game this week. The PGA TOUR and Golf Channel regular game has been replaced with a bracket challenge. BuzzDraft has done a nice job of sticking to their group format by putting all of the #1 seeds in Group 1, the #2s in Group 2 and so on.

My strategy for this week isn't a secret. Escape unscathed. So for my one-and-done and two-and-done pick I'm going with Ian Poulter. Partially because he is one of the best guys for this format and partially because I'm not really sure where else I would need him later. If Poulter makes it to the round of 16 (that would mean he would finish no worse than T9) I would be ecstatic. I'm also counting on a bunch of people taking Poulter this week, meaning I won't lose ground to the field in my leagues.

As for last week.....


We filled out one six-man league. The winner was RotoRyan with 652.67 points, follwed by @dkateeb 542.17, KYech 538.31, Zanarkand Abes, Tiger's Wood, and A340Spotter.

Don't cry too hard for KYech falling just short of cashing in the 6-man game. In the 29-man feature he placed second and brought home $120 for his troubles. Nice job Kamal!

PGA TOUR game:

I'll have to update the standings at a later date. I can't get into the regular game to see the standings because everything is defaulting to the Match Play Challenge.

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