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Monday, April 1, 2013

Masters Game Opportunity

I know I’ve heard from several of you who are disappointed with the golf platform being dropped from the BuzzDraft sale. I’ve been in touch with Bert, who was over golf for BuzzDraft, and he is hosting a Masters game on his site fantasygolfteam.com.
Here are the details of the game as provided in an email he sent:

With the sale of BuzzDraft we are working to develop a new weekly fantasy golf program. In the interim we are pleased to invite you to play in our special “Masters” pool that we run on our own website.

The Mark “15” Masters Golf Pool Overview 

·  $10,000 Prize Pool
·  $1,800 to first place, payouts to the top 100 teams
·  $20 entry fee
·  Pay via either PayPal or credit card
·  Groups Format  - Assemble your team of 21 Golfers
·  Select one player from each of 21 groups of 4 golfers presented
·  Your team needs at least 10 of your 21 players to make the cut to move on
·  Your team score is the total score of the 10 lowest scores on your team
·  Limited to 600 teams – enter as many teams as you want
Click here to play the Mark "15" Masters pool!

Good luck and enjoy!

Bert Pendergast
FantasyGolfTeam Golf Commissioner

I haven’t played this game before, but it looks very similar to the group play in BuzzDraft with more pods of fewer players. Please go to Bert’s site to find out more about the game. I’m sure once you make it to his page he will also further communicate future gaming opportunities from there as well. 

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