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Friday, April 19, 2013

RBC Heritage - Round 2

The RBC Heritage isn't in the books quite yet. In fact, we still aren't sure if the cut line will be 1- or 2-over-par. Jesper Parnevik will stand over a 5'5" putt that will likely decide the fate of about 20 players.

As expected, the weather caused some dramatic moves both up and down the leaderboard, with the morning wave holding the decided advantage on Friday.

We have to set the Yahoo! lineups before we know the definitive cut line, but my advice would be to avoid those at 2-over unless you have no other option.

Because I have no other option with Snedeker and Weekley in the A-List, I'm sticking with Boo, then holding firm in the B-List with Donald and Hoffman and switching back to Day in the C-List.

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