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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

THE PLAYERS Championship - Fantasy

While there are many formats out there this week that provide opportunities for gamers to test their skill with this week's PLAYERS Championship, we'll stick to our regular lineup. As always, if you need an opinion on another format we don't cover, feel free to email or leave a comment.


We took a slight slip in the Yahoo! format, down to 6,674 in the standings (still 94th percentile) with 2848 points for the season. Given the carnage that was Quail Hollow, I'll take that and move on.

Strategy comes into play this week on the Yahoo! bench. Namely, keeping Tiger on it unless he looks like he's going to win. It looks something like this.

  • A-List - Sergio Garcia starting with Tiger Woods on the bench.
  • B-List - Luke Donald and Bo Van Pelt starting with Jim Furyk and Matt Kuchar on the bench. Surprisingly enough, I haven't used BVP yet this year and I wouldn't mind burning round one on him while I make sure Kuchar and/or Furyk are in it for the long haul at TPC Sawgrass.
  • C-List- Adam Scott starts with Lee Westwood on the bench.
At this time, I don't expect a significant swing in tee-time advantages, but if one comes about I'll adjust accordingly.

Golf Channel:

Per normal, the Golf Channel game standings can be viewed in Mike Glasscott's weekly Rotoworld article. This week:
  • Group 1 - Luke Donald
  • Group 2 - Sergio Garcia
  • Group 3 - David Toms
  • Group 4 - Jonathan Byrd
PGA TOUR game standings:

  1. O'Sullivan's Tribe - 4805
  2. Boots With The Fur - 4661
  3. Team Tiger II - 4542
  4. Subliminal Magic - 4531
  5. Woltz - 4476
Weekly Standings
  1. O'Sullivan's Tribe - 344
  2. Tiger's Embedded Ball - 338
  3. Rotoworld Rob - 333
  4. Subliminal Magic - 308
  5. Pure Spin - 292
  6. Indiana Intimidation - 292
We'll be back tomorrow to solidify the one-and-done pick. At the moment, it has a decidedly English flair to it.

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