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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

AT&T National - Fantasy

Similar to last week, for the AT&T National fantasy post we will take a look at some options and strategies for several of the games. We will also update the PGA TOUR game standings.


A-List offers some good options, but lacks an elite player. You could make an argument that Brandt Snedeker is elite, and he's likely the safe pick, but guys like Charles Howell III, Bill Haas, Chris Kirk and Martin Laird all offer some risk/reward propositions. Because of how spread out the picks will be in A-List this week, it's doubtful that everyone in your league will be on the same guys. Sneds will be popular but there won't be a consensus on the other one.

B-List is similar to the A, in that there aren't a bevy of great options. Like the A, expect plenty of guys to be chosen over. I like BVP, Charley Hoffman, Graham DeLaet and Hunter Mahan, but I don't necessarily love any of them. You could talk me into Nick Watney or Freddie Jacobson or maybe Jim Furyk, but nobody really excites me.

C-List is where it's at this week. Adam Scott, Jason Day and Billy Horschel all demand a look and would all be starters if spread across the other tiers. Scott and Day play together in the PM/AM wave, so I'll likely pick one of them and then stagger with Horschel in the AM/PM wave. I can't think of a good reason to go down any further than these three on the list unless you're really trying to out-think the room.

Golf Channel Game:

Check out my picks on the Rotoworld article http://www.rotoworld.com/articles/gol/43546/297/capitol-punishment.

PGA TOUR game:

Season Standings:

  1. O'Sullivan's Tribe - 7586
  2. Pure Spin - 6799
  3. Woltz - 6359
  4. Boots With The Fur - 6333
  5. Subliminal Magic - 6065
Travelers Standings:
  1. KyRoadz - 310
  2. Subliminal Magic - 307
  3. Bird Dogs - 303
  4. Rubio2016 - 269
  5. Off the Tjaarts - 268

To be frank, I don't see a ton of "great" options this week. Adam Scott and Jason Day are the elite options, with guys like Billy Horschel, Hunter Mahan and Bo Van Pelt making strong cases. I could see a real case for Graham DeLaet as well. 

So here's the question. Have you burned Jason Day? Have you burned Adam Scott? If you haven't burned Day (which I have), use him this week. If you haven't burned Scott, you have a longer-term question to answer? If not here, then where? I'm likely saving Scott for TPC Boston or East Lake. If you are way behind, there isn't much logic in saving him for then if you are already out of it when you get there. That's the long way of saying I would endorse Scott under a number of circumstances, but you have to decide for yourself.

If you aren't going Day or Scott, then it gets interesting. I'm playing Billy Horschel due to his current form and his statistical fit. I'll take a top 10 this week and smile all the way to the bank, but Horschel gives me the best chance at something a little bigger. Mahan and BVP feel like top-25 options, with a shot at a top 10. 

If you want to get a little riskier without being stupid, look at Ryan Palmer. He's another top-25 machine. Feeling friskier? Kevin Chappell or Martin Laird are interesting fliers. I'd hold off on Snedeker if you still have him (I do).

I'll check back tomorrow to tie up any loose ends and give my final selections for those interested.

Best of luck!


  1. great stuff as usual.. im first in a big money pool,one and done style..taking day this week..still holding on to scott and sneds..i know you like scott in either boston or atlanta but where do you see the best spot for sneds?? thanks and awesome job.

    1. I'm going to let Sneds form dictate that. I could think of a number of places, but just don't trust what my eyes are seeing with him right now.
      Best of luck!

  2. Am I crazy for wanting to save Day for one of the two remaining majors over playing him this week? So far his best two results this year are the Majors...

    1. I should say right now I have Graham DeLaet and Kevin Chappell in now...but the more I see what Day has done in the past in the other Majors I'm not sure why I should save him....Its a two and done and I'm about 1.2 Million off the lead in a 37 team league...I'm only $5K off 3rd place...Ah I think I just talked myself into using Day and DeLaet...the leader has already used both and everyone in the top 10 other than Myself has used Day and Woods...sorry for rambling but I know a simple should I use him or not doesn't really paint the whole picture.

    2. I think you nailed it. Keep in mind, Day flashed huge form at the Masters and U.S. Open before 2013, so his results there weren't all that surprising. His record in the other two majors aren't as good. Most people have burned Day, so I agree with a Day/DeLaet play given your scenario. I would hate to have you chasing me with that lineup.

  3. jw,
    just my 2 cents worth..i think better to use day this weekend because field is light on top ranked players compared to the majors fields..mostly first time winners in majors past several years..better to put top 40 in the world on a board and throw a dart to pick winner in a major

  4. Yeah after seeing it from others I feel good about Day...I like my odds down the stretch I plan on using Tiger at Firestone most likely, not sure about Rory I'd like to see something first. Only other one I am sure about is Zach Johnson and Stricker...I've got them saved for the John Deere tourney. Thanks for the feedback guys I appreciate it.