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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

U.S. Open - Fantasy

While I fully understand and appreciate there are many specialty games surrounding the U.S. Open, and all of the majors, we will continue on with our regular games in this space. I've already heard from a number of you debating scenarios in specialty games, and it’s always fun to see what games are out there.

A quick note before we move on, it seems the general sentiment from the Tuesday practice rounds was that Merion played long today. Charl Schwartzel tweeted as much and Bill Haas commented about the number of woods he had to hit into par 3s and 4s on the Golf Channel. Neither of these players are short. 

There were also reports that the greens were rolling out increasingly fast as the day went on. This is a good sign for those wanting a tougher test. 

The best chance of rain for the rest of the week is Thursday, and it looks likely that Merion will get hit with a thunderstorm at some point in the afternoon. How little or much water hits the fairways of Ardmore, PA could go a long way in deciding the champion. It also means the course could favor longer hitters on Thursday and Friday, but evolve into a more traditional firmer/faster Open as the weekend comes to pass.

That would mean the opportunity for wild swings on the leaderboard Saturday and Sunday.

Now for the masses….


Full Season Rank: 5,313 (95th percentile) – 3638 points
Spring Rank: 5,464 – 1716 points

  • A-List – Graeme McDowell starting with Tiger Woods on the bench unless he’s likely to win.
  • B-List – Steve Stricker, Matt Kuchar, Luke Donald and Webb Simpson (I have not determined starters.)
  • C-List – Lee Westwood and Charl Schwartzel (Was going to go Scott and Westy, but decided to stagger waves.)

Golf Channel:
  • Group 1 – Tiger Woods
  • Group 2 – Lee Westwood
  • Group 3 – Billy Horschel
  • Group 4 – Nicholas Thompson


Season Standings:
  1. O’Sullivan’s Tribe – 6992
  2. Pure Spin – 6215
  3. Woltz – 5997
  4. Boots with the Fur – 5749
  5. Subliminal Magic – 5625

Weekly Standings:
  1. Bushleaguers – 552
  2. Putter’s Paradise – 547
  3. PelicansRule – 398
  4. Woltz – 381
  5. Tiger’s Embedded Ball - 380

We’ll be back tomorrow with the one-and-done pick. For additional advice, I invite you to join Rob Bolton and Glass for the Rotoworld.com chat at noon. If you can’t make it, you can always read the archived chat at your convenience. 


  1. How do you justify Luke Donald given your own rankings?

    1. Fair question. Rankings are raw and don't take into play strategy of specific games. In Yahoo!, I have two priorities every week. First, have as many of my eight players as possible make the cut. I never want to take a zero on the weekend because I had too many miss the cut. Second, I'd like to identify the winner in my eight picks for bonus points. I faded Donald in the power rankings based on past history in U.S. Opens, but fully realize that he will likely make the cut and could win if things work out. That makes him a decent Yahoo! option.