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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Open Championship - One-and-done

While I'm not calling a complete audible on The Open Championship, I'm narrowing the focus and suggesting another measuring stick. Judging from the interviews I'm hearing and the forecasted weather, this will be a very firm and fast Open. The best comp is probably Hoylake in 2006 which Tiger famously won by essentially taking driver out of his bag.

This will be a test of strategy. Play it safe off the tee and try and be aggressive with the second shot. Firm and fast greens could make three-putt avoidance a key.

While some would suggest the lack of wind may bring everyone into the mix, I would submit that experience is still as important (if not more) than ever. A 3-iron rolling out 280 yards won't be easy for some to get used to.

Want to talk about who some strategic players are? Take a look at the top four from Hoylake in 2006.

  1. Tiger Woods
  2. Chris DiMarco
  3. Ernie Els 
  4. Jim Furyk
On that note, I'm making two adjustments to my Yahoo! lineup and settling on starters. For now. I think.
  • A-List - Graeme McDowell starting with Tiger on the bench.
  • B-List - Ernie Els and Justin Rose starting with Jim Furyk and Dustin Johnson on the bench.
  • C-List - Adam Scott starts with Westy on the bench.
One-and-done: Ernie Els
Two-and-done: Graeme McDowell (his interview sold me)

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