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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Salary Cap Game Opportunity

One of the questions I'm commonly asked, especially by new gamers, is how to find and/or join various leagues. For full season gamers, one of the most popular formats is a Salary Cap game. That is, you are awarded a certain amount of cash to select players who have a value attached. Typically a player's value is the money he earned the previous season and players fresh off the Web.com Tour are given set price.

If you are interested in joining one of these games, https://www.fantasygolfteam.com/ offers their Therese's League specifically for Salary Cap gamers. Here is the link with the specifics of that league https://www.fantasygolfteam.com/content/2014-thereses-league-rules. They anticipate roughly 300 teams, and are accepting new participants. While I haven't turned in my team yet, I intend to in the next day or two. Make sure to get your teams in by Thursday night (Friday AM deadline).

I'm sure there are other formats and games out there, but know from personal experience that sometimes it can be hard for a solo player to find a spot. 

As for salary cap strategy, a here are a few very general strategies. 
  • Make sure you have a balanced team without placing too many eggs in the basket of a guy that will only make 15 or 16 starts. Many European/South African/Aussie players will play a light schedule, so you probably don't want to team filled with those guys. 
  • You also want to try and find guys that are "on sale." That essentially means they preformed well below their potential in 2013. An example from last season was Jason Day. He had a poor 2012, but his youth and game suggested that he would bounce back and be a great value. 
  • Don't be afraid to spend big on a guy like Tiger Woods, but make sure you understand which guys coming of the Web.com Tour on the cheap will be solid buys since you'll need to plug a few of those into your roster.
If you plan on playing a salary cap game and don't have much experience, feel free to reach out to me if you have a question about strategy.

Typically, I like to spread my gaming investments across season and weekly games, so maybe that thought works for you as well.

As always, best of luck!

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