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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Valero Texas Open - Fantasy

With the Valero Texas Open inching closer by the minute, it's time to ready ourselves for the normal slate of fantasy games. As was the case last week, my Yahoo! and Golf Channel picks are located in the weekly feature "Playing the Tips" at Rotoworld

Our first week was a success in that space, with three of us having Matt Every in both our Yahoo! and Golf Channel lineups. The foursome of "experts" includes myself, Rob Bolton, Ned Brown and Mike Glasscott. 

Last week I used the remainder of this space to discuss Tiger Woods and give an opinion on sponsor exemptions. This week I'll tackle my Yahoo! strategy to this point.

I've been on a roll in the Yahoo! format lately, currently ranked 439th and in the 99th percentile. While the daily lineup of Yahoo! is a bit like throwing darts, there are three things I've consciously done that have worked well over this span.
  1. For the most part, I've staggered tee times. I haven't done so exclusively unless the weather report has demanded it, but I always like to have at least three (of four) roster options available for each tee time wave on Thursday and Friday to account for a last minute weather situation. 
  2. It may sound obvious, but I've tried to included as many elite players as possible for the purpose of bonus points. The 20, 10 and five bonus points for a win, second and third are a big deal. That's a big reason why I stay fairly chalky. 
  3. At some point during the week I try to settle on some guys and ride them out. For example, I was happy enough with Matt Every's first round last week that I left him in all four rounds. "Chasing" guys can lead to missing out on good rounds about as often as just leaving a guy in for a few rounds and letting it play out. 
As always, I tweet my daily lineup changes out @RyanGolfBlogger, so there are no secrets. 

I'll return tomorrow with the one-and-done breakdown and decide on my Yahoo! starters for round one.

Best of luck!

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