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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

John Deere Classic - Fantasy

With hours to go until the John Deere Classic tees off at TPC Deere Run, it's time to write down the Yahoo! starters in ink. We will also do our best to confuse you by introducing a new little twist that myself and Mike Glasscott are trying out in this space this week.

First things first, the weather for the first round of the JDC looks absolutely perfect. Temperatures are moderate for this time of year and the winds are low. That means I'll lean on my stock AM players.

Starters are Ryan Moore, Zach Johnson, Brendon de Jonge and Billy Hurley III. The bench is Daniel Summerays (I didn't learn anything from last week), Steve Stricker, Jordan Spieth and John Senden.

Now for the twist.

For those that don't know and love the guy that made #Spiethboner a hash tag on Twitter, let me introduce my Rotoworld colleague and lead columnist (or something like that), Mike Glasscott. If I know Glass, and I think I do, he's sitting at Yogi's Bar and Grill in Indiana having a pint of something rather tasty as I punch a keyboard.

Glass, and others of you that frequent the Rotoworld Wednesday chat, have expressed some "constructive criticism" that the Yahoo! game might be better suited if all of the players scores count for all rounds. With that, Glass and I made the decision way too late one night that we would pilot the idea of awarding each of our eight Yahoo! players full points (and bonus points) for every round and play each other head-to-head.

Rather than just send each other emails with results, Glass had the idea that this blog was the perfect spot to post the results of this little experiment. So, for those that care to follow along, I'll post the points earned by each player on both of our our lineups after each round.

So my lineup of Moore, Summerhays, ZJ, BdJ, Spieth, Stricker, BH3 and Sendo against Glass' squad of Ryan Moore, Chucky Three Sticks, Stricker, ZJ, #Spiethboner, Kirk, Stroud and English.

If anyone out there can think of a fun wager for Glass and I to make with each other, let us know (@RyanGolfBlogger and @MikeGlasscott or just call Yogi's Bar and Grill in Indiana and ask to speak with Glass). If you think this is a great idea and fun to check in on, let us know. If you think this is a terrible idea and we've lost our minds more than we had before, you can tell us that too.

Either way, best of luck to all of you in your games this week!

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  1. Well done O! I just got home from Yogi's and am thrilled to see the wheels put in motion! Since you are the math guy (read: anyone but me) I'll trust that your computations will be on point! This idea sounds great on Wednesday but let's see how it plays out!