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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Kicking off 2015

It's hard to believe that is has been almost two months since my last post. It is, by far, the longest layoff in the three-year journey of this space. There are several things I would like to draw your attention to as the calendar has turned to 2015 and the 2014-15 PGA TOUR season is preparing for the Hyundai Tournament of Champions.

While I've been quiet on this blog, I've published several articles on Rotoworld.com. I encourage gamers about to begin full-season games to check out my latest top 125 for some additional research. I also participated in a Rotoworld series called "King for a Day", where each of the Rotoworld staffers took a look at a big issue in golf they would tackle if they were in charge for one day. Because I'm passionate about pace of play as it relates to my own golfing rounds, I tackled that topic here.

For those of you who missed out on various games that kicked off with the Frys.com Open to begin the 2014-15 season, I'm aware of several games that have continued to run from the Hyundai Tournament of Champions through the TOUR Championship that I would encourage you to consider.

A salary cap game that I have played in the past is hosted on https://www.fantasygolfteam.com/ and called Therese's League. It's run very well and generally updated within 12-24 hours of the conclusion of a tournament. You pick your team at the beginning of the year and sit back and reap the rewards. My latest top 125 should be a nice tool when selecting this team.

The other is a one-and-done format hosted by my good friends at Golfmanna. As you will likely remember, I publish my one-and-done pick on a weekly basis in this space, so I'll be around to lay out some advice and provide a thought process throughout the season for this game.

One final, but important, item of business involves the schedule of the blog this season. In the past, I've been very diligent about providing something to consume for Sunday - Wednesday leading up to the tournament. This year, I intend to scale that down to one or two posts per week, while still providing the same amount of information. I will continue to provide my Preview on the Sunday night prior to a tournament, and follow that up with power rankings, fantasy picks, etc roughly 36 hours before a tournament tees off. That means this week, with a Friday start, I will likely post Wednesday night. Most other tournaments will be Tuesday night.

Check back later tonight for a preview of the Hyundai Tournament of Champions, and let's make it a great year!


  1. Hi Ryan, what is your team's name in the Therese's League this year please? It would be fun to track your team over there (mine is "The Euros")

    1. I actually opted out of getting a team together for that one this year. I already had a salary cap team going, along with a drafted season-long team. I played it last year, and usually join them for some majors. The guys running the site are good guys and very passionate about golf. It should be fun to follow. Your team looks awesome!!!!

    2. Thanks!! It was an absolute nightmare deciding on Rory - he was so expensive - so its completely "boom or bust" , if he has basically the same year as 2014 than I have some chance (only 33 out of 177 chose him!)
      I think the format where you can earn your money back by winning just 1 of 12 "periods" is really good actually _ I should have entered a second team without Rory and with Jordan and Ricky in his place ;-)