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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

TOUR Championship - One-and-Done

The final event of the 2014-15 PGA TOUR season awaits at East Lake GC. Of course, it is the TOUR Championship. We are going to do things a little bit differently this week.

Rather than throwing up the usual power ranking and sorting out who sits second behind Jason Day, it's time to discuss strategies. Coincidentally, the top five in the current FedExCup standings would all be inside the top 10 of any decent power ranking. Sprinkle in Rory and a few others, and there you go.

About strategy. For all full-season gamers, one of three things is the case for you.

  1. You are either leading or are in a position you would like to maintain. 
  2. You are trailing, but within striking distance if your opponent slips up and you play well.
  3. You are toast.
Playing numerous games, I find myself in each of these three scenarios.

If you are in category 3, none of this matters. Throw in anybody you want. 

If you are in category 1, you need to play it safe. If you've got Jason Day available, he's a must. For games like Yahoo!, load the wagons with Day, Spieth, McIlroy, Stenson, etc, etc, and force your opponent make a mistake. If it's a game like the Golf Channel game, take Jason Day in Group 1 and stay chalky the rest of the way.

If you are in category 2, this is a tough week. You've played well enough to put yourself in the mix, but you now must "zig" where you usually "zag." You have to play the game backwards. You don't take Jason Day, rather you hope McIlroy or Stenson dominate. You take a flier on Daniel Berger staying hot, or a relaxed Bill Haas to take home his second TOUR Championship after nabbing the captain's pick. This is going to feel very uncomfortable, but you have no choice. I can't stress the following enough. YOU HAVE TO DO THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT YOU THINK THE LEADER WILL DO. A push is no good. Roll the dice.

Oh...and I'm taking Rory McIlroy as my one-and-done. Unfortunately, I'm in category 3 in this one. Toast.

It's been a fun 2014-15 season. Keep an eye on for me on Rotoworld for several upcoming articles over the next few weeks.

Best of luck to all!


  1. First off thank you for your incite and articles.
    I'm in category 2 with the following choices;
    Which one in your opinion could make the most of this tourney?

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